About Us

St. Mary’s, Catholic School,  though located in Listowel, our roots come from St. Mary’s, Hesson. A number of our teachers and parents attended that school and carry forward the memories of having attended there. 

We are a growing school. In 2009, the population of St. Mary’s was 160.  It is an exciting and dynamic place to learn!

  • 314 students​
  • 13 classrooms​  (4 of which are portables until our addition opens in September 2020
  • 30 staff members

We partner with North Perth – Spinrite Child and Family Centre in Listowel for before and after school care offered on site.

We pride ourselves on our family atmosphere where staff and students know everyone’s names. We are proud to be a Catholic school serving the families of North Perth. 

St. Mary’s Catholic School